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What should I pay attention to in daily use of copying paper

2020-09-07 18:52:31 admin 0

We all know that copy paper is a kind of very thin paper, and there are some differences between the paper we use in daily life, so we must pay attention to some problems when we use it, do you know what we need to pay attention to at this time? Now we will carry on some analysis to this situation, so that we will better use this paper in the future.

What should we be aware of when we use copy paper? The first thing to notice is that the paper has to be flat when you use it, and that's the most basic thing to notice. Because the paper is very thin, once we are not paved at this time, then we will feel a little inconvenient when we use, or can not do some things. Secondly, do not touch water on your hands when you use it, because any little water will leave marks on the paper, so do not have water, which is the key point of good use.